Our digitalisation practice Digital Matter is driving the transition towards sustainable built environments through digitalisation, design and data.

We help community builders achieve sustainability in projects and business.

The integration of design and data also accelerates the merger of the built environment and digital technology in new experiences and opportunities for citizens, corporations and society. We call this near future – and White’s instrument to reach it sooner – Digital Matter.

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Petter Green

Petter Green

Director, Digital Matter


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Our Offers

  • Streamline and reduce waste through smarter information management

    Market-leading expertise and solutions which help you to streamline, increase business value and realise your sustainability goals.

  • Realise more project potentials through computational design

    Overcome complex design and sustainability challenges with algorithms and data integrated into more efficient design processes.

  • Optimise for sustainability informed by digital analysis and data

    Develop climate-neutral and well-performing designs with the right insights in each phase.

  • Inspire and speed up the decision-making process

    Help project stakeholders choose the right design options and make decisions faster with visualisation, simulation, virtual environments, and more efficient forms of collaboration.

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Take advantage of design teams that understand innovation and development at the intersection of the physical and digital environment.

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Sara Cultural Centre

Our BIM strategy and an efficient digital workflow enabled a climate-positive building – the world’s third-tallest wooden building. Communication was integrated with real-time models, with an easily accessible platform solution which enabled a higher degree of collaboration. We ensured quality information and design solutions, saved time needed for communication and reduced the risk of costly rework during production.

Services in the project: BIM Strategy, BIM Coordination


In the office and lab building Celsius, we created a complete BIM model with information for the entire building’s life cycle – from design to management. Because the BIM model was the only source of information for design, procurement and production, an accurate and future-ready digital twin was created that enabled a smooth handover to management. Awarded Best BIM Project in the World at the Building Smart Award 2020.

Services in the project: BIM Strategy, Digital Management


At Årstafältet, the team’s landscape architects wanted to investigate whether land masses from surrounding housing projects could be used for lifelike ridges in the field as a planning prerequisite for future decisions. With the help of the development of a design system, the topography could be shaped with feedback on quantities in real time, which lowered the risk in the project and can provide large environmental and economic savings.

Service in the project: Design development

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