Växjö City Hall & Central Station

Växjö City Hall & Central Station

Responding to population growth and increased tourism, the city of Växjö ran an open competition to design a new civic hub, council headquarters and a new mainline rail station. The winning proposal, Växjö City Hall and Central Station, is a potentially zero-carbon timber development that combines municipal functions and transport infrastructure under one roof, alongside a new public square and park – accessible to all, 24 hours a day.

Responding to 21st century city life

The way we live in cities is constantly evolving. There is no longer a traditional working day; flexible hours, shift work and international collaboration underpinned by technology means that cities have had to adapt in terms of provision for retail, socialising, and travel. The new City Hall and Central Station is at the heart of this evolution in Växjö; open and accessible throughout the day and night.

Client: Växjö kommun
Location: Växjö, Sweden
Status: Competition win
15,000 sqm
White View

An extraordinary building and civic space; a new living room for Växjö.

Greening the city

The public square and park is a multifunctional oasis, landscaped symbiotically with the existing local vegetation. Mature oak trees provide shade, while fruit-bearing trees and bushes attract bees and birds. Running the length of the tracks, is a mini rainforest which disperses groundwater run-off from the Living Room. The layout of the square is open, making it possible for people to move efficiently to and from the civic hub. Also proposed is a planted canopy walkway that connects all elements of the hub.

A space for all

The six-storey city hall is designed as an exemplar workplace to ameliorate the health, happiness and productivity of 600 municipal employees. Visitor experience and the needs of different travelling groups informed the station design, that includes waiting rooms, shops, restaurants and more. An important element was to increase accessibility to the city centre by creating a 780sqm ‘Green Living Room’; an open public space and social hub that connects central Växjö to the south through existing and new walking and cycling bridges. The living room is also a place to meet friends, fellow travellers and colleagues. Teenagers, couples, families and senior citizens can grab a bite to eat, walk their dog, or watch the world go by.

This is a well-thought-out building in all parts that is capable of meeting the city’s demands and intentions for a sustainable future. A cohesive and characteristic building with a strong expression; a new landmark for Växjö city.
Competition jury panel

Four and a half storeys of the City Hall are dedicated workplaces for municipal functions, designed as a mix of flexible, shared and open spaces, with more private areas to focus. The top floors of the building offer long views across the city skyline. Spacious, multifunctional and full of character, this makes for an impressive meeting place for the city’s dignitaries, officials and employees alike. The adjoining roof terrace introduces a mini-ecosystem of plants and wildlife at the top of the City Hall. Designed to Miljöbyggnad Guld standard, the potential exists for the scheme to achieve zero carbon due to wood construction, solar PV-modules and sustainable urban drainage systems.

Contact & Team

Rafel Crespo Solana

Rickard Nygren

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