The Museum of Making

The Museum of Making

The Industrial Revolution ignited Clerkenwell’s first creative boom. From printmakers, clockmakers and jewellers, to breweries and distilleries, this small pocket of London became a hive of industry. It seemed fitting to honour this rich craft heritage with a pavilion that invited visitors to engage in the art of making.

Celebrating over 250 years of craft and industry

Situated on St John’s Square, The Museum of Making was the central hub and main public social space for the 2016 Clerkenwell Design Week festival. The pavilion was designed as a space for participation, while also showcasing the social and sensory qualities of making.

Location: London, UK
Status: Completed 2016,
temporary pavilion
Area: approx. 27 sqm
Visuals: Jo Underhill

Today, Clerkenwell hosts the world’s highest concentration of design practices; an area that remains inextricably linked to creativity and making.

The pavilion took the form of a deconstructed Swedish barn, referencing Scandinavian heritage, while transposing this agricultural motif into an urban context. While responding directly to London’s industrial past and present, the design was distinctly rural and Scandinavian.

Flat-pack Equitone cladding panels were arranged in section to create an open yet sheltered space, encouraging visitors to interact with each other, as well as the activities within. When viewed from one end, bright blue and green panels represent the area’s contemporary design scene. From the other end, warm brick-toned colours evoke the colours of Clerkenwell’s Victorian past.

Inside the pavilion, artefacts from the Museum of London mirrored an exhibition of work from contemporary makers. These included tools and machinery rescued from old factories in Clerkenwell, in addition to present-day design process materials. Curated by Peter Collard, a series of workshops and demonstrations gave locals and festival visitors a chance to meet, mend, exchange knowledge and services. Makers involved included: The Goldsmith’s Centre, Craft Central and Thomas Matthews Design.

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