St Johannesplan

St Johannesplan

After the opening of Station Triangeln in central Malmö, two small surrounding areas were combined into a generous, healthy and openly accessible public space. St Johannesplan today is a stage for a range of activities; from weekday rush-hour, to quiet Sunday mornings.

Hardworking public space

The project focus was to promote sustainable and healthy modes of transportation. St Johannesplan is a generous public space that prioritises access for pedestrians, cyclists, and rail commuters while serving as a central meeting point that caters for a wide range of activity through the week and different times of the day. Designed for easy adaptation to cater for temporary events; Malmö’s residents have used the square for everything from skateboarding and eating lunch, to filmmaking and performance.

Client: The City of Malmö, Church of Sweden
Location: Malmö, Sweden
Status: Completed 2014
Area: 28,000 sqm
Photographer: Hanns Joosten

The principle of shared space enables pedestrians to move freely through the busy urban centre.
We see the area around the Triangeln station as an open stage for everyone to share. A single floor of beautiful in-situ concrete combined with lighting and seating unify the sequence of spaces; an elegant space embodying everyday luxury.
Niels de Bruin, Landscape Architect

The 30 sqm water fountain is a popular spot for children to play, while its elevated concrete disc can be used as a bench or a stage. This disc is illuminated at night, creating atmosphere for commuters and passersby. Environmental engineers were involved from the outset to ensure elements such as lighting design and material selection were as healthy and energy efficient as possible.

Designed by artist Ebba Matz, the thorn-patterned paving was inspired by the Jugend, or Art Nouveau, era St Johannes Church, also known as the Church of Roses.

Contact & Team

Gustav Jarlöv

Landscape Architect

Anna Eklund

Landscape Architect

Andreas Milsta

Lighting Designer

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