Riddersvik, Hässelby

Riddersvik, Hässelby

Drawing on the garden city movement, a modern residential area comprising 104 houses fully built in solid wood is being developed in Riddersvik, Stockholm. The land is merged with nature and the line between in and outdoors are blurred thanks to several design solutions.

Solid wood as a material is a very current reference but also links back to the time where that same spot once hosted a tree nursery. It is also a nod to the historical buildings of the rural mansion of Ridderviks gård.

The houses open for an active and sustainable lifestyle thanks to resourceful design, especially when it comes to energy performance. We make the most of the daylight and avoid materials which hamper a sustainable maintenance and lifestyle. In this garden city, daily contact with nature is central, and inspires the whole project.

Client: Vivere Fastigheter Ab
Location: Hässelby, Sweden
Status: Start 2016
Area: 104 Apartments, 10 000 Sqm
Visuals: White

The project is a showcase for all the features of timber – from its raw use to its refined expressions.

The houses have different dimensions and design features creating a pleasant dynamic in the area. Most units have their own utility garden and the terrace houses have their own glazed patio. Each apartment regardless of the size, blends into nature with a scale and disposition that invite to togetherness.

The project is a showcase for all the features of timber – from its raw use to its refined expressions. The straight and simplistic shapes of the houses are boldened by the unfinished façade panels which create a strong contrast to the fine woodwork details. The treatment of the wood surfaces varies too, showcasing the material’s many possibilities, creating an aesthetic identity for the neighbourhood. The colour and material of the houses create a frame around wild garden plots concentrated in two green areas. Families have generous spaces to plant vegetables and even install beehives.

The historical stroke from the old tree nursery is conserved and further defined by planted trees which offer a beautiful variation, as flowers and fruits such as apples, cherries, plums and pears, shift their life cycle throughout the seasons.

Contact & Team

Fredrik Fernek

Lead Architect

Emelie Westergren


Dan Engberg


Anton Kolbe


Katharina Björlin Wiklund


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