Regionens hus Council headquarters

Regionens hus is home to the Västra Götaland Council and is the centrepiece of the largest city extension of Göteborg's modern history. Reflecting the council's values, the design of this new city landmark required humility; the very opposite of the neoclassical grandeur once typical of civic buildings.

Inspiring civic pride

In 2019, the regional council of Västra Götaland was celebrating its twentieth anniversary. Regionens hus was commissioned to coincide with this important milestone, as well as being the first major project of Göteborg’s largest ever urban expansion project; a district that stretches from Central Station towards the Göta River; an exciting era for Sweden’s second largest city.

The architecture embodies the values of Västra Götaland Council; contemporary, transparent and accessible to all.

Client: Västfastigheter

Location: Göteborg, Sweden

Status: Completed 2019

Area: 22,500 sqm (new) + 500 sqm (refurb)

Visuals: Åke E:son Lindman, Erik Linn

Encouraging collaboration

Consisting of two 5-storey volumes alongside a 15-storey tower set in landscaped grounds, approximately 1,300 council employees have moved into the new building since completion. Nya Regionens Hus has been designed with the comfort and productivity of workers in mind; different functions are brought closer together as connectivity is increased, encouraging cross-departmental working.

Generous glazing
The simple volumes are clad with glass façades, lending polish to the scheme without appearing excessively luxurious. The generous glazing also conveys transparency, revealing the inner working of the council. There is a deliberate contrast between the glistening tower with its accompanying lower volumes and the old stationhouse. The 5-storey blocks of Nya Regionens Hus provide a modest backdrop to the ornate, meringue-like station building, while the links between these incorporate a high degree of materiality and intricate detailing to add interest at ground level.

Contact & Team

Mattias Lind

Mattias Lind


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Lars Zackrisson
Elin Adolfsson
Christian Wahlström
Carl Magnus Rosén
Susanna Elewi
Lena Osvalds