P5 Väven

Occupying the 5th floor of the award-winning Väven Cultural Centre, P5 creates an ideal setting for meetings, seminars and events. Formed of eight conference rooms, one large event space and a rooftop terrace, P5 offers contemporary spaces inspired by Northern craft heritage.

Inspired by the North

Overlooking the River Ume, P5 offers expansive views over the northern landscape from the fifth floor of Väven Cultural Centre. Equally as striking are the distinctive interiors. Undulating black glass encapsulate the meeting rooms, mirroring daylight and people in motion, while social areas are clad with signature floor-to-ceiling wood panelling; 15,000 square birch wood shingles, woven together with remarkable precision. A crackling firepit warms the middle of the lobby, burning what could be ‘näver’; the distinctive silver bark from Umeå’s regional trees.

The rich textures and colours of the interiors are drawn from Sami craft heritage and the natural beauty of Lapland; incorporating timber, leather, birch, silver and wool.
  • Client: Balticgruppen AB
    Location: Umeå, Sweden
    Status: Completed 2015
    Visuals: Åke E:son Lindman

The centre is designed to accommodate several simultaneous events. Flexibility throughout is seamless and incorporated in a way that is unnoticeable to visitors. Furnishings, lighting and technology were chosen for easy rearrangement; each space can be adapted to suit specific bookings.

Deep orange furnishings and fittings are a recurring motif throughout the spaces.

P5 aims beyond luxury. It captures the state of mind that exists within those that live above the Arctic Circle; one that is closely intertwined with nature.
Mattias Lind, Lead Architect

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Mattias Lind

Mattias Lind




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