Orangeriet Café Bar

Orangeriet Café Bar

Orangeriet is a common ground for city officials and all citizens of Borås; extending the civic function of the town hall. The design of this popular café bar and meeting place is grounded in sustainable solutions and adaptive re-use.

Creative heritage

During industrial times, the city of Borås enjoyed a long and rich textile heritage. Today, the city centre boasts a new character with an urban transformation grounded in sustainable solutions and adaptive reuse. Borås has become an enthusiastic art hub, internationally known for its sculpture and for re-purposing building façades into street art.

Client: Borås kommun
Location: Borås, Sweden
Status: Completed  2015
Area: 600 sqm
Visuals: Jan Töve

Orangeriet is a dynamic extension of a civic building, inspired by collaboration and the spirit of creativity.

The interiors were guided by the ethos of recycle, upcycle and re-use. An investigation into the needs and wishes of the locals generated valuable ideas that found their way into the design process. People missed the old 1975 café interiors; by opening up dialogue, this desire was unearthed from the collective memory and translated into the new space.

An impressive 81 pieces of furniture, especially chairs, were reclaimed.

The furniture, purchased by the city of Borås in years past, was pulled from storage, re-lacquered and re-upholstered and given a new home at Orangeriet. In total, 81 pieces of furniture were reclaimed. Today, the past intertwines with the present, giving some residents a chance to sit in a much-loved seat from a time gone by.

Contact & Team

Susanna von Eyben

Susanna von Eyben

Interior architect

+46 721 58 31 20

Annie Leonsson

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