multiBO – Student Living

multiBO – Student Living

Moving away from home for the first time can be an isolating experience. multiBO is a new model for student living that was conceived to counteract loneliness by bringing people together. Co-designed with 2,000 Swedish students, multiBO balances communal and independent living for groups of six students within a caring, shared residence.

Co-designed living: for students, by students

The starting point for designing a better form of student housing was to ask students themselves what they valued most. 52% of Swedish people live alone – the highest rate in the EU – so it was of little surprise that the majority of the 2,000 students surveyed also wished to live by themselves. However, 35% of the students were keen to live collectively; in particular, first year undergraduates and international students, as it provides an in-built social and support environment to those who may need it the most.

To achieve a supportive, caring environment, the number of residents need to be fewer than traditional student hall configurations, where 10-12 people along a corridor share kitchens and other spaces. multiBO has been designed for six people sharing a kitchen and flexible recreation areas that can be customised, depending on moods and needs. Communal social spaces are at entrance level, while independent, private spaces are upstairs.

Client: Studentbostäder
Status: Feasibility study 2016
Area: 117 sqm per dwelling
Visuals: White Arkitekter

The findings of the survey illustrated a clear demand for collective housing that caters for more than 2-3 people however, very few dwellings like this exist.

Framtidens Studentbostäder – Future Student Housing

Interested in learning more? Click to download ‘Framtidens Studentbostäder – Future Student Housing’, the in-depth study behind the multiBO concept and others. Authored by Studentbostadsföretagen – Swedish non-profit governing student housing standards, Stockholms studentbostäder – the Stockholm Student Housing Foundation, and White Arkitekter.

multiBO in action

Six people share twelve rooms, split over two floors. 117 sqm of space is allocated for each student cluster; this is equivalent to what students would usually receive in traditional halls of residence. The central room is the heart of the home; a place to relax, chat and make friends for life. The surrounding rooms can be used for individual study, gaming, or reading and are equipped with sliding doors that open into the main space, providing ample room for parties and entertaining. Upstairs lie six ‘tree houses’; small, recessed bedrooms where students have their own private space for rest, sleep and a hot shower. The identical tree house’ each contain a bed and bathroom furnished with shower, sink and toilet. Space for storage is over and under the bed.


By nature, people are social beings; to be deprived of social contact is one of the worst things we can experience. We thrive in environments where we can express our empathy; the way we live needs to reflect and support this.
Kristoffer Roxbergh, Architect & Head of Housing
There is nothing wrong with solitude and independence, but we have to be mindful about the consequences of isolation.
Erik Gandini, documentary filmmaker, ‘The Swedish Theory of Love’

Wood is a durable material that lends warmth and has mainly been used for the private quarters. Extra durability is needed for communal areas and kitchen; stone floors have been applied here, demarcating the border between entrance, kitchen and patio.

Contact & Team

Kristoffer Roxbergh

Kristoffer Roxbergh

Architect, Ordförande WINT

+46 766 39 46 62

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