Kungsbacka Torg

Kungsbacka Torg has been through many changes. For a long time, it was a car park and many years before then lay a church. Today, the square is a popular gathering place; a contemporary piece of urban design, alive with the imprint of history.

Traces of history

Kungsbacka Torg remodels an underused car-park into a paved public square. Outdoor seating follows the outline of a church that once stood on the site; a reflection of history, bridging the past and the present.


The design of the square respects history, while setting the scene for everyday life. The arrangement of chequered granite paving stones forms a pattern that represents the town’s old street grid, while the imprint of the church is defined with a different configuration. The square was designed to accommodate a variety of activities and events, open to all. Norra Torggatan, one of the streets running along the square, has been redesigned to be pedestrian-friendly, entertaining a number of open-air cafés.

A well-used public square, where the spirit of history is entwined with the present.
  • Client: Kungsbacka Municipality
    Location: Kungsbacka, Sweden
    Status: Completed 2012
    Area: 7,500 sqm
    Cost: 22 million SEK
    Visuals: Per Kårehed

Benches recalling rows of church pews offer ample seating for sunny days and nights out. The benches are also a source of lighting, gently radiating a warm glow; a source of comfort during dark hours and months. In contrast to the hard landscaping, cherry trees along the south side softens the fringe, painting the square in the colours of the season.

Contact & Team

Sam Keshavarz

Sam Keshavarz


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Ulla Antonsson
Paula Mackenzie
Mikaela Åström Forsgren