Houdini Sportswear Hub

Houdini Sportswear Hub

Located on Kungsgatan in Stockholm, the Houdini Sportswear Hub has been meticulously designed with sustainability in mind, inviting visitors to gather around the metaphorical campfire. Inspired by our nearby natural surroundings, we have created an environment that seeks to mimic the rhythms of the forest, found in clearings and thickets amidst the bustling cityscape.

Shared core values inspire

Shared core values served as inspiration as we at White Arkitekter and Houdini Sportswear intertwined our shared principles of sustainability and circularity, placing them at the forefront of this flagship store. From the very beginning of the design process, discussions focused on solutions that would reduce unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions while stimulating the circular economy and promoting biodiversity.

Client: Houdini Sportswear
Location: Kungsgatan, Stockholm
Projekt start/end: August 2022 – October 2022
Status: Completed 2022
Size/Area: Approx. 120 sqm
Staffroom: Approx. 30 sqm
Photo: Erik Cronberg and Houdini

We have created a substantial retail environment with a conscientious regard for the climate and our ecosystem. Throughout, a vigilant yet inspired eye has guided us in exploring diverse solutions. The ambition to be responsible in our creation fits seamlessly with both our and Houdini's sustainability aspirations.
Henrik Lindholm, lead interior architect

Understated ambience and functional form

Visitors are greeted by warm, neutral tones and natural materials. The understated ambience allows the otherwise minimalist and functional form of the building to take precedence, providing significant visual space to showcase Houdini Sportswear’s products. The space is equipped with a repurposed kitchen, a focal point that encourages and inspires sustainable activities and events within the space – activities such as garment care, communal cooking and social gatherings. The intention is to invite visitors to gather around a kind of urban interpretation of a campfire.

Reduce and reuse

Even the ground floor of the store, which houses the warehouse and staff lounge, has a reused kitchen. By equipping the store with reused kitchens instead of new ones, emissions equivalent to 400 kg of CO2-e were avoided. In addition, the store’s ceiling lighting has been reused, further reducing the carbon footprint by an estimated 1200 kg CO2-e.

By preserving the building’s original architecture and materials, the carbon footprint was minimised throughout the renovation process. Where existing interior elements couldn’t be reused, reclaimed materials breathed new life into the fully refurbished spaces. For example, the flooring at the heart of the store is made from leftover products from Sweden’s solid wood construction industry. Even the ground floor of the store, which houses staff areas and storage, has been fitted with reclaimed materials.

Houdini Sportswear creates functional apparel in versatile, timeless and sustainable designs, renowned for inspiring outdoor experiences while respecting nature. With these values in mind, White provided conceptual refinement, product design, sustainability consultancy, spatial arrangement, accessibility and lighting design for this unique space.

Inspired by our nearby natural habitat, we have created an environment that seeks to reflect the cadence of the forest in clearings, thickets and biomimicry - amidst the noise of the city. It has been an honour for us at White to collaborate with Houdini and to embrace their knowledge and perspectives on our global challenges and how we can address them.
Henrik Lindholm, lead interior architect

The design of the Houdini Sportswear flagship store was created in collaboration with Electrolux.

Contact & Team

Annie Leonsson

Annie Leonsson

Interior architect, Head of Studio, Studio Manager

+46 721 58 31 55

Henrik Lindholm

Lead Interior Architect

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