Halland Art Museum

Halland Art Museum

Situated on the banks of the River Nissan, Halland Art Museum is Halmstad’s regional centre for visual culture. The remodelling and expansion of the museum and grounds creates a new meeting place and cultural park for all ages; a place where creativity and nature are part of everyday life.

Extending culture through the city

Halland Art Museum lacked a space for temporary exhibitions and events. Analysis of the site and waterfront surroundings revealed a great potential to improve overall visitor experience and attract people who may not traditionally visit a museum. The existing entrance was disconnected from the city and lacked a sense of arrival. In addition, the beautiful rolling landscape was underused. Instead of a single exhibition space, an additional river-facing entrance gallery is proposed, as well as a garden that connects the city to a culture trail and the water, creating new opportunities for public activity and a new meeting place for Halmstad.

Clients: Wästbygg AB, Halmstad Municipality
Location: Halmstad, Sweden
Status: Completion expected 2018
Area: 2000 + 1600 sqm
Visuals: White Arkitekter

Creating new opportunities for public activity – and a new meeting place for Halmstad.

The orientation of the new spaces is governed by the city and the river. Placing the new volumes north of the existing museum creates a possibility for two entrances, one towards the street and one in the park, while the River Nissan forms a majestic backdrop beyond. A new thoroughfare connects the city to the museum that continues to link into the sculpture garden and cultural trail alongside the river. The sculpture park extends toward the river, where a new riverside jetty in in the future may allow visitors to arrive by the museum boat, as well as their own kayaks. This new public space is for everyone; you do not have to be a museum visitor to visit and enjoy it.

Halland Art Museum is a place in the city where people of all ages can meet. This welcoming sentiment extends to the museum’s landscape – the outdoor spaces are as important as the inside.
Jimmie Ahlgren, Director, White Arkitekter

Placing the new volumes north of the existing museum creates a new entrance that welcomes visitors from the city centre.

The entrance gallery is the hub that links the new and old parts of the museum. It is a bright space, filled with daylight from where visitors can admire the surrounding landscape and view activities within the museum. The reception, shop and café are all served by the same desk; their central location allows museum staff to welcome and serve guests from  both entrances. The entrance gallery can operate independently from the other parts of the museum; events can be held in the auditorium while the display spaces are closed. For larger events, the auditorium can open up into the café space. The restaurant and café spaces are situated riverside.

Art studio and library

In the existing building, an art studio is planned for children, as well as visiting artists. A new library for staff and visitors, in addition to workplaces for the staff, is also situated here. The project also includes refurbishment of the existing exhibition halls.

In contrast to the open, light filled entrance gallery, the new exhibition space takes the form of a closed, energy efficient concrete volume. The pre-cast concrete exterior is covered with a repeating pattern; an abstracted reference to the existing building façades. The rationale is to create optimal climate conditions to aid the conservation of artworks on display, as well as to ensure their security.

Art plays an important role in the design of the new museum spaces, as well as the landscape outside. Artists will work alongside the design team from White Arkitekter to create a new civic architecture that breathes culture; inside and out.


Contact & Team

Lotta Sundell

Lotta Sundell

Architect, Office director

+46 721 58 31 62

Jimmie Ahlgren


Lotta Sundell

Head Architect

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