Gascoigne West Phase 1

Gascoigne West Phase 1

Gascoigne West Phase 1 provides 201 tenure-blind family homes characterised by an age-inclusive, climate resilient landscape, as part of one of East London’s largest estate regeneration programmes. The design is centred around a clearly defined hierarchy of public squares, local greens, semi-private gardens and private courtyards to create a safe and welcoming environment for all ages.

New homes for Barking

The development ensures a future-proofed design that will support the ongoing Gascoigne estate renewal programme in Barking. This phase features 201 well planned, efficient, high-quality apartments, with private and communal amenity space.

The new accommodation is split into three blocks, varying in form and character, and ranging from three to thirteen storeys, including seven terraced houses. 60% of homes are affordable, offering great views into central London, normally reserved for private rented or sales tenures. The kinks in the buildings relate to the streetscape and landscape, creating strong street frontages, and entrance squares that repair the urban fabric.

Client: London Borough of Barking and Dagenham/ Be First Regeneration and Wates Residential
Location: Barking, London, UK
Contractor: Wates Residential
Number of homes: 201 (60% affordable)
Area: 19,300 sqm GEA
Status: Completed 2022
Photo: Paul Riddle

The design is built upon existing amenities to create a development that contributes to its context, with improved connections to the site and surrounding areas.

Block design and façade expression

A framework of facade types has been developed for each block, lending a sense of variety to the project, whilst defining the buildings as separate entities. They do however adhere to the same overarching design principles which makes them clearly identifiable as parts of the same development. The general principles set out a series of criteria, such as window sizes, balcony sizes and types of balustrades and copings, which then vary in colour and appearance between each block. The result is a series of well defined, pared-back facades that offer a generous sense of depth and articulation, directly improving the Abbey Road frontage and raising the standard of design locally.


Scandinavian urban design principles of social wellbeing are embedded within the design that focus on providing community activities for children and seniors. Sustainable design elements, such as optimised microclimate, generous sunlight/ daylight penetration and wind mitigation improve outdoor comfort. This enables greater social and community activities outdoors, leading to a higher degree of social inclusion, and healthier, more active lifestyles. Gardens and playgrounds unite the new residents with old to encourage a sense of belonging.


Climate resilient design

One of the key project aims is to meet the challenges of climate change. The proposal is based on resilience and strategic water and energy use, through incorporation of ecosystem services, effective SuDS strategies and reducing heat loads through green roofs and gardens. The required target carbon reduction of 40.2% beyond Building Regulations has strongly influenced the architectural design. The provision of photovoltaic panels, high performance building fabric and advanced specifications are also incorporated.

High-quality space

Special attention was paid to the landscape and public realm, with a strong focus on providing spaces for all to enjoy. The form of the three buildings, and their placement on the site, facilitate active use of the outdoor communal space. The landscape design strategy helps to develop the character of the different areas within the site, enhancing legibility, strengthening identity and shaping a place where all can call home.

Contact & Team

Linda Thiel

Linda Thiel


+44 793 269 01 56

Linda Thiel

Project Director

Laura Davies

Project Architect

Adam Bergendal


Fredrik Petersson


Per Wikfeldt


Hans Tang


Freya Tigerschiöld

Architectural Assistant

Claire Wadey

Architectural Assistant

Gustav Jarlöv

Landscape Architect

Jerome Beresford

Model Manager

Renato Adriasola Skogsvold


Marta Casagrande


Mathilda Åström

Landscape Architect

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