Filippa K

Filippa K

Filippa K’s Scandinavian design heritage and brand vision – where simplicity is the purest form of luxury – is present in every detail and choice of material in the flagship store and office which occupy a three-floor space in the heart of Amsterdam. The beautifully executed concept is part of a rollout which has so far been implemented in six shops in Stockholm, Göteborg and Copenhagen.

Style, Simplicity, Quality

When founder Filippa Knutson returned to the company after a six-year hiatus, her mission was to refocus on the brand’s original values: Style, Simplicity, Quality. The fashion brand sought a global store concept to refresh the expression of its identity and values. Entrusted with that brief, the team interpreted a physical environment which explores the absolute potentials of material quality and detailing.

Client: Filippa K
Location: Various, including Amsterdam
Status: Concept completed 2017
Area: 30-120 sqm + 600 sqm flagship
Visuals: Erik Undehn

A global store concept to refresh the expression of Filippa K's identity and values.

Long lasting simplicity

Filippa K´s approach to sustainability is ‘long lasting simplicity’, which inspires the new store concept by paying great attention to the robust material palette. Italian marble and Scandinavian elm wood harmonise with richly tactile linen fabrics in earthy hues and carefully curated modern design classics by Harry Bertoia. The verdant lushness of different varieties of trees, which includes a five-meter tall fig tree in the Amsterdam store window, injects vitality and life. The result is a store concept balancing heavy and light materials and minimalism and warmth.

Detailing to perfection

An extraordinary execution of the concept and subsequent rollout is secured through rigorous design detailing in combination with the skilled craftmanship involved in the fabrication of bespoke interior carpentry; check-out counter, storage units, mirrors, rails, accessory shelving and display modules are produced by Stockholm-based Aarts Lundsjö. By experimenting with different wood treatments, the team achieved the desired unique brand expression. Knot-free wood paneling made of white oiled Douglas fir complements the clothes, allowing them take centre-stage in some store locations, in others an elm-veneer provides a stylish backdrop.

Back to the roots

As online shopping continues to increase, ever more important is an enhanced real-life shopping experience which is truly reflective of the original core values. Through the minimalistic and clean design aesthetic represented in the new store concept, Filippa K has gone back to its design roots.

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