Epidemic Sound head­quarters

Epidemic Sound head­quarters

Epidemic Sound wanted to merge their existing attic loft with the floor below in an old brewery building in central Stockholm. The vision was to create a non-traditional, flexible office environment, while also preserving the building’s industrial character and the company’s brand identity.

The authenticity of space

Through enhancing the authenticity of raw space with re-use as a central theme, a new yet familiar home was established. An expansive opening in the floor slab provided a visual link between the two levels, while the industrial stairs work as the physical link. The under ceiling was removed to reveal the building’s mechanical systems, reinforcing the industrial nature of the old brewery building.

Client: Epidemic Sound
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Status: Completed 2015
Area: 825 sqm
Visuals: Emil Fagander

The design reflects Epidemic Sound's identity; a harmonious clash of non-conformity.

There was a need to complement the open office plan with closed spaces for private conversations and meetings. Smaller offices with glazed partitions punctuate the open plan, allowing privacy and quiet for meetings and interviews, in addition to bespoke listening booths. Employees have the choice to collaborate, or to select a quiet room, depending on personal preference or the task at hand. The office is designed to meet current staffing demands, as well as the ability to convert space for future expansion.

We wanted our office to look like a second home or our favourite bar; a place where we want to spend more time, socialise with our colleagues and listen to music. I am convinced that the office plays an important role in our company’s ability to attract talent.
Felix Edwards Mannheimer, COO, Epidemic Sound

Sheets of plywood, Valchromat and Träullit recur as the wall-cladding materials; selected for their robustness, acoustic properties and durability. The colour scheme for the interiors was fastidiously chosen to complement the existing building’s palette, while the original concrete floor was left bare and polished, giving the new workplace the ambient feel of an artisan workshop. IKEA pieces and vintage furnishings bought at auction were re-used in the newly formed spaces, providing a cohesive style that further strengthens Epidemic Sound’s shared identity.

Contact & Team

Karolina Nyström

Märta Friman

Mikaela Åström Forsgren

Rebecca Edwards Mannheimer

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