Cirkus – Skandia­scenen

Cirkus – Skandia­scenen

Skandiascenen is a new concert hall for Stockholm’s Cirkus theatre at the Royal Djurgården. With a capacity for 800 theatregoers, Skandiascenen is the latest addition to the venue; a contemporary, yet sensitive insertion that complements the historic fabric of the existing theatre.

Ushering in a new era

When it opened in 1892, the theatre was home to the great Swedish circus companies of the day. As audience tastes and theatre production methods changed, Cirkus was rebuilt several times to modernise facilities and provide the best possible visitor experience; Scandiascenen was the latest of these additions.

Space on site was limited. In response, a large portion of Skandiascenen was carved into rock and placed below ground. A new foyer space was split over two levels, linking Skandiascenen to the older Cirkus theatre and increasing the reception capacity for visitors when shows are programmed in both halls. The difference in level between the Hazeliusbacken hillside and the new exterior ground floor creates an entrance plaza that gives visitors a sense of arrival, and can also be used for summertime al fresco dining.

Client: Förvaltningsbolaget Cirkus HB
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Status: Completed 2015
Visuals: Åke E:son Lindman, Anders Bobert

A contemporary interpretation of grandeur for a musical theatre steeped in heritage.

Contemporary ornament

It was important for Skandiascenen to reflect its own era; to have its own form and character that was not derivative of the historic stucco and brick building. Skandiascenen was deliberately designed to contrast with Cirkus; setting the scene for a new era in the theatre’s history. Shimmering stainless steel shingles clad the generously glazed curves of the façade in a fish scale pattern. This conveys both a contemporary ornateness, as well as a dynamic sense of momentum when viewed from the adjacent Hazeliusbacken hillside.

Skandiascenen adds something new to a place that already has great values; flawlessly fitting into the existing environment and creating new features in a respectful manner
Jury panel, Stockholm 2016 Building of the Year Award.

However different the two exteriors may be in appearance, the interiors of the new theatre are as intimate as the original Cirkus. Shades of red were selected for the colour palette in homage to the traditional theatre hall. After dark, the older building’s interior façade reveals itself behind the glass volume of the lobby. The advanced engineering of this glazed load-bearing entrance was designed to be as unobtrusive and respectful to the historic Cirkus building as possible.

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Anders Arfvidsson

Anders Arfvidsson


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Per-Mats Nilsson

Per-Mats Nilsson

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