Chameleon Cabin

Chameleon Cabin

When local printers Göteborgstryckeriet claimed that they could print anything, we challenged them to print a paper house. In the Bauhaus tradition, Chameleon Cabin explores the structural capacities of paper construction, as well as the potential for beauty in an everyday material.

Exploring the beauty and utility of paper

The walls and gabled roofline consist of folded paper components, creating a stable concertina-like structure that fits together using a simple system of tabs and slots. A total of 95 components were printed for Chameleon Cabin however, this type of modular construction system can be used to produce buildings of any length.

Client: Göteborgstryckeriet
Location: Göteborg, Sweden
Status: Completed 2013, temporary pavilion
Area: 15 sqm
Visuals: Rasmus Norlander, Happy F&B, Göteborgstryckeriet

A paper house with chameleon-like qualities; marbled black from one side, and white from another.

Chameleon Cabin changes appearance, depending on each visitor’s viewpoint; transitioning from black marble from one gable end, to white marble at the opposite. A bright yellow interior provides a contrasting warmth, while covering the window reveals for a seamless finish. The proportions of the Chameleon Cabin give a nod to the Swedish friggebod, a small Swedish dwelling that can be built without planning permission. The entire structure is made from MiniWell, a 2mm-thick corrugated paper produced by Swedish company, EuroWell. Pictured here at Tjolöholms Castle in Halland, Chameleon Cabin has been exhibited all over Sweden; the robustness of design and the flat-pack nature of the components made for easy transportation.

Chameleon Cabin was a collaboration between White Arkitekter, Göteborgstryckeriet and the branding agency, Happy F+B.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are poor, not rich. We can’t afford to waste materials or time. All art starts with a material, and therefore we have first to investigate what our material can do.
Josef Albers, Artist & Bauhaus Design Tutor

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