Celsius, Uppsala

Celsius, Uppsala

Celsius is an office and lab building at Uppsala Science Park that has been called Sweden’s most digitised construction project. Through a unique approach, the project has been completed on time, just under budget and with no compromises in workmanship or architecture.

Celsius is a building that takes its place in the Science Park while interacting with its surroundings. The rust red colour is found on several buildings in the area and harmonises with the surrounding buildings. The facade has a distinctive detailing that integrates the natural joints between the prefabricated concrete elements into a seamless whole. The brushed surface of the concrete elements reveals the aggregate and creates a lively expression that is complemented by corten steel details.

The house has different scale levels, allowing new details to appear at different distances. From the strong grid of the concrete to the glass sections and the varied graphic pattern that appears at close range. Inside, the building is oriented around a courtyard of light that becomes the unifying space of the building. Here, acoustics and aesthetics are combined in the characteristic pattern of acoustic panels in different colours that extend all the way from the ground floor to the roof.

Client: Vasakronan
BIM Coordination/Project Management: Byggstyrning
Status: completed autumn 2020
Size/surface area: 10,000 sqm, GFA: approx. 12,500 sqm
Environmental certification: LEED Platinum
Cost: approx. 450 MSEK
Photo: Åke E:son Lindman

Celsius is a building that takes its place in the Science Park while interacting with its surroundings.

Sweden’s most digitised construction project

In Celsius, we have harnessed the full power of our digital tools. The BIM model is loaded with so much information that it can be used as a single construction document for the entire project down to the smallest detail. The result is significantly fewer errors and changes, and a complete digital twin for future management.

Collaboration on the project has been strengthened by all consultants working in the same model. The fact that Celsius is completely drawingless also means that the VR glasses have taken their place at review meetings and the construction workers have navigated the model on a pad instead of reading on paper. Everyone has access to the same information and changes in the model are immediately visible to the fitters on site. Getting the right information to the right person in real time has increased the efficiency and productivity of the project. It allowed the project to be completed on schedule despite the complexity of the content. The first tenant even moved in three months early.

In Celsius, with a digital approach that has pushed BIM further than anyone before, we have created good architecture that is both cheaper and better for the client, with fewer costly changes, a better management situation and high quality in implementation.
Anders Tväråna, Lead Architect

Correct modelling provides cost control

Using the BIM model instead of paper cut-outs for procurement, purchasing and production also allows for fully comparable tenders and an accurate idea of how much material will be required, reducing waste, lowering costs and increasing sustainability. The final cost of the project is a few million below the investment decision taken on the programme document, with no deviation in quality or content.


Sustainability that provided extremely good financing

Celsius was environmentally certified to LEED Platinum by a good margin and financed through green bonds. The European Investment Bank, which evaluates green projects across Europe, said Celsius was the best-performing they had ever seen, giving Vasakronan the best loan terms they had ever received. Truly sustainable architecture is buildings that can be used for a long time, so Celsius also has a frame that is flexible and can easily be changed to accommodate future changes. The project also incorporates a number of environmentally focused innovations such as façade-integrated solar cells and rainwater flushing toilets.

The project won the globally prestigious Building Smart International Awards 2020 in the Construction category, which highlights the use of BIM during production.

Contact & Team

Anders Tväråna

Anders Tväråna

Architect, Office management

+46 705 77 38 07

Anna Röjdeby

Aksel Alvarez Jurgueson

Åsa Söderhielm

Anders Tväråna

Jörgen Pell

John Nordmark

Mikael Lorensson

Young Ill Kim

Julia Sandgren

Moa Yombi

Libny Pacheco

Jens Modin

Joakim Loberg

Isabel Villar

Magnus Lindgren

Nicklas Centring

Tobias Olausson Sahlin

Helena Persson Lannér

Elin Rooth

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