Campus Feuerbach

Campus Feuerbach

Campus Feuerbach in Stuttgart, Germany, is our winning proposal for a contemporary school campus where new buildings are integrated into an existing urban structure. A sequence of squares and places links the campus with the surroundings in an exciting way what benefits both the school and the city.

Creating City Spaces

The proposal, designed in collaboration with Günter Hermann Architekten and w+p Landschaften, includes the renovation of the existing Leibniz Gymnasium (designed by architect Paul Bonatz, 1911) as well as several new school buildings and a sports hall. Moving away from the outdated notion of designing single, disjunctive, artefact buildings for the campus, the proposed plan adds value to the whole area by creating city spaces for the neighbourhood.

Indoor and outdoor areas have been rethought and formed to support individual needs and encourage different ways of learning. The vitalised spaces also invites the wider public to make use of both outdoor and indoor environments during the day and after hours, further establishing the campus as a community hub.

Client: Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart
Location: Stuttgart, Germany
Status: Completion expected 2028
Visuals: White View

The proposed plan adds value to the whole area by creating city spaces for the neighbourhood

Centrally located on campus is the Forum building – the “heart” of the area – housing the school’s dining and cultural hubs, giving students and visitors ample opportunity for meetings and interaction. On the street level, activities taking place inside the buildings are visible to passers-by, helping to create a vibrant environment. Striving for transparency and openness, the Forum has generous glass openings; visible construction components are revealed, such as the mechanics of the loadbearing systems, which in turn become exciting design features.

Interaction, identity, orientation and accessibility have been the guiding principles in the development of the proposal.

The building’s central concept is to provide an equally high degree of accessibility for all its surroundings. Neither the front nor back elevation has hierarchy, thus all building entrances are equally as inviting. A roof terrace where students can meet to study or for a spot of rest and recreation is the crowning glory.

Located in an area with high historical and cultural value, the campus site itself contains protected buildings. As such, the focus has been on designing the new buildings to interact with the existing context by paying respect to their history and dignity. Connecting the new and the old and adding well-designed places in between results in a varied and exciting environment.

The gymnasium campus – with its formerly disconnected buildings, disparate functionalities and undefined outdoor spaces – will transform into a coherent neighbourhood for education. Efficient and flexible floor plans for future buildings secure easy adaptation over time. Campus Feuerbach will be an inspiring diverse environment for education and connecting people for new generations and years to come.

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Karin Björning-Engström


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