Avinode Group, Gothenburg

Avinode Group, Gothenburg

How much of a workplace’s DNA can be felt in the office? A great deal, as everyone at Avinode Group, a global tech company, can confirm. When the time came for the Gothenburg team to move into their new premises at the top of the new skyscraper in Gamlestaden Square in Gothenburg, they wanted to get out of a rut, but buying new was unsustainable and therefore out of the question. So, how do you reinvent yourself in a sustainable way that reflects the identity of your company?

Encourage new ways of thinking

Avinode Group had a vision of an office with a distinct identity and a magnet-like draw. With fierce competition for labour, the work environment is a crucial element in retaining skills and recruiting new employees. For Avinode Group, the interior design of their new premises became a way to showcase the curiosity that lies at the heart of the company.

They wanted a wow factor and better conditions to enable them to work more in the spirit that the company strives for as an employer. By consistently offering alternatives to the traditional workplace and meeting places, the idea is that the new premises will inspire employees and encourage new ways of thinking. Another aspect was reusing as much of the existing furniture as possible.

Client: Avinode Group
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
Status: Completed 2020
Photo: Bodil Bergqvist

With White Arkitekter’s help, almost 90% of the furniture was taken from the premises they left, and they now have an office centred around the balance between work and recreation.

Avinode Group’s offices are located on the top three floors of the new skyscraper in Gamlestaden Square and total approximately 940 square metres. White Arkitekter’s project included assessing and examining the conditions for the new premises, as well as providing ongoing assistance during adaptation, moving in and setting up. The team produced the overall concept and design proposal, conducted project planning and provided ongoing assistance and support.

The development of our new office together with the team at White Arkitekter was an incredibly rewarding and fun experience, as the team had the key skills needed to be able to deliver what we wanted to achieve. And today the office is not only a workplace but also part of our branding.
Alexandra MacRae, Head of Marketing and Customer Experience at Avinode Group

Annie Leonsson is one of White Arkitekter’s most experienced interior architects and a pioneer in recycling. She led White’s team through every phase, from concept development, reuse and procurement, to moving in and setting up. The goal was to reuse the existing furniture at Avinode Group as much as possible. And they have achieved that. As much as 90% of the furniture from their old premises could be brought to the new one.

Avinode Group is driven by curiosity and is at the forefront of technology within its industry. The common goal was for the new premises to exude curiosity and a desire to discover, and at the same time accentuate the important balance between work and private life. The interior design concept is based on the contrasts between these, and at the same time we reused almost all the furniture from the old.
Annie Leonsson, Lead Interior Architect

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Annie Leonsson

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