Re-orientating Halmstad city towards the river

White Arkitekter’s proposal for a new center for urban life at Österskans in Halmstad, Sweden, has won a land transfer competition. Located on the Nissan River, new Österskans offers something for all ages and is a place where visitors and the people of Halmstad congregate to enjoy culture, shopping and leisure activity.

The relocation of a bus terminal presented a great opportunity to transform Österskans from a traffic junction into a meeting place where people, not cars, are in focus. Home to a hotel and market hall, Österskans is a dynamic spot in the centre of Halmstad.

Our ambition has been to link existing urban spaces into one cohesive public space along Nissan. A new central culture square will offer a commercial center for shopping, walkways, sunbathing by Nissan, a sauna at Picasso Park, as well as a sky bar at the top of the tower offering views over the sea
Hans Forsmark, lead architect
The new building and the way it connects parks, city library and theatre, gives Halmstad a new central meeting point. It also contributes to re-orientating the city towards the river
Jenny Axelsson, Municipal Commissioner and Chair of the jury

The tall building by the bridge marks the intersection between the old highway, the commercial district and the cultural trail along Nissan. The building has a varied silhouette and becomes a prominent landmark in Halmstad.

A sunny urban park is created on the southern side by the river. Wooden decks and jetties make the water more accessible and a public sauna encourages dips in the river also in the winter. The new hotel provides a unique experience that will attract visitors to Halmstad.


The proposal was developed in collaboration with Serneke, Winn Hotel Group and Fem Hjärtan,

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