White ReCapture featured in NLA’s report Zero Carbon London

Today, New London Architecture (NLA) launched the report Zero Carbon London, presenting survey findings, insights and measures that have to be prioritised in London to achieve net zero targets by 2050. We are delighted that White ReCapture has a full page in the report as one of the exemplar showcases pushing the bar of environmental design.

The industry survey, from over 100 companies in the sector, found that adopting a truly circular economy approach is considered one of the most effective actions we can take to achieve net zero carbon targets by 2050, but it is also one that will prove the most challenging.

White ReCapture is one of the exemplar projects featured in the report. The service aims to simplify the process of cataloguing materials for reuse. It enables the reuse of all nonhazardous structures, materials and products to support architectural ambition and wellbeing as well as becoming a resource for an efficient and economic building process. Using a combination of 3D laser scanning and specialist expertise to produce a digital inventory of the materials and components, White ReCapture makes it possible to assess the potential for reuse in a building in a time and cost-effective way.

By integrating reuse into the design process, we are enabling our clients to perform reuse on a larger scale. This will help them to attain their own climate goals, as well as the national and global ones. Thus, innovations like White ReCapture have a big role to play in the transition to net zero.
Niklas Eriksson, Head of White ReCapture

The ability to digitise the reuse potential makes the process much more time and cost efficient that was previously possible, resulting in even greater savings for our clients and the environment.


Click here to read the full report and gain unprecedented insight into where the built environment profession is currently in the fight against climate change. On page 102 you can read more about White ReCapture.

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