White Oslo wins parallel commission for new school and pre-school at Ballerud

A new district of family housing is emerging at Ballerud in Bærum, Norway. In collaboration with DRMA, White’s Oslo office has won the parallel commission from the Municipality of Bærum to design a new primary school and pre-school in the area with a multi-purpose hall. It will be an important hub in the developing district with a focus on community, attractiveness, nature, and recreational areas.

In our proposal, great emphasis has been placed on solving the assignment in a holistic way, focusing on connections in and around the school and the hall. The design of the school aims to create added value in the neighbourhood, beautiful and accessible outdoor spaces for all-round use and to enhance the biodiversity of the site.

The school in solid wood will be attractively located next to an existing recreational area. The schoolyard has a beautiful south-facing orientation, which provides a great environment for outdoor activity. The design also includes a multi-purpose hall, which will be partly underground and integrated with the surrounding landscape.

We are delighted that the qualities we have put into the project have been appreciated by both the municipality of Baerum and the politicians in the board of directors! We have planned for the school to have good interior connections and surfaces in natural materials that radiate warmth and provide a good indoor climate.
Gina Bast Mossige, Lead Architect at White's Oslo studio

– In the schoolyard we have chosen varied functions and division into zones that utilize and preserve natural qualities, natural elements, and the varied terrain on the site, said Gina Bast Mossige.

In the parallel commission, the municipality required the project to meet FutureBuilt’s urban design and architecture criteria for biodiversity and stormwater management. The blue-green structure of the area is to be strengthened according to overall guidelines through the establishment of blue-green spaces. The blue-green structure will strengthen local biodiversity, make the area resilient to climate change, contribute to cleaner air, water and soil, a good local climate and high amenity value.

On the north-western part of the site, a public square will be built, inviting visitors and residents to co-use the school’s outdoor environments and to take an active part in the school’s functions and facilities even after school hours.

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