White Oslo wins framework agreement with Norwegian Scenic Routes

Among 81 architects and landscape architects, White in Oslo has won the framework agreement with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, via Norwegian Scenic Routes, to design the scenic routes of the future. It mainly concerns viewpoints and rest areas, where architecture and design interact with nature. The agreement covers new projects planned for the period 2023 – 2029.

Norway is well known for its breathtaking natural landscapes with deep fjords, carved valleys, glaciers, national parks, northern lights, and midnight sun. The country thus has a long tradition of adapting buildings to challenging terrain. This tradition has been harnessed in the upgrading of the country’s scenic routes.

To be one of four landscape practices to have the opportunity to work on new rest stops linked to national scenic routes is a huge thrill for us. The rest stops are being recognised far beyond Norway's borders and contribute to strengthening the rural economy.
Sofie G Bentzen, Partner and Managing Director of White Arkitekter's Oslo studio

– And it’s often the little breaks on the journey that are remembered. This is big for us, also considering that the project has the ambition to contribute to the development of architectural topics in Norway. The initiative of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration is impressive, says Sofie G Bentzen.

Photo Magne Flemsaeter, Statens vegvesen

From the northernmost part of the country to the southwest, Norwegian architecture and design have been incorporated into the natural landscape along 18 particularly beautiful stretches of road. The idea is that this will enhance the experience of nature and at the same time be an attraction on its own. In connection with the design of future scenic routes, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, through Norwegian Scenic Routes (Nasjonale Turistveger), issued a call for bids to find new architects and landscape architects for future projects. It is now clear that White Arkitekter in Oslo is one of four architectural firms that won the framework agreement for landscape architecture.

We are very thrilled about this. Norwegian scenic routes projects are primarily about the landscape as a natural and cultural heritage and should be treated with a delicate hand.
Pål Dixon Sandberg, Head of the Landscape architects at White's Oslo studio

Photo Jarle Waehler, Statens vegvesen

The architectural firms included in the framework agreement were selected by a jury consisting of representatives from Norwegian Scenic Routes, the National Board of Architects, NLA and NAL. 81 architects and landscape architects applied in total, and all were assessed on the basis of projects already started or completed and a summary of the firm’s approach to design, understanding of materials and landscapes, and environmental considerations.

We see it as a great opportunity to contribute to the development of these iconic projects.
Kjetil Torgrimsby, Landscape Architect at White in Oslo

The development of Norwegian scenic routes has been going on for almost three decades, with a total of 175 completed projects by the end of 2022. Read more about Norwegian Scenic Routes here.

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