White double finalists in Reinventing Cities competition

The C40 global architecture competition “Reinventing Cities” aims to manage climate change and work for better urban health. White Arkitekter’s multidisciplinary team has qualified as finalists in two cities – Oslo and Montreal.

The competition brings together the most innovative ideas for transforming underutilised sites and creating sustainable urban environments. Each winning Reinventing Cities project will serve as a model for a carbon-neutral development for the whole world to absorb. The competition proposals must demonstrate an architecture that shows the future of socially sustainable development.



Stovner, the competition site in Oslo, benefits from a dynamic redevelopment jointly driven by the City and the Government, to meet social challenges as well as Oslo’s vision for decarbonised urban development. Stovner is part of a larger industrial area slated for redevelopment over the next 20 years with a potential for over 6000 new dwellings.

STOVNER, Oslo. The site is part of a larger area of 25.000 sqm called Fossumdumpa, which is located in the center of Stovner district and situated in the Grorud Valley in the easternpart of Oslo.

We are equipped to meet the challenge set by C40. We will focus on urban health and involve both elderly and youth in the process.
Susanne Clase, architect at White

“In collaboration with six experts and the client, we are equipped to meet the challenge set by C40. We will focus on urban health and involve both elderly and youth in the process,” says Susanne Clase, architect at White. “The goal is to make a vital neighborhood that sets an example as a decarbonised urban development and encourages sustainable lifestyles.”



In Montreal, Canada, the competition site is as special as it is challenging. The plot will be transformed into an attractive place with residential and commercial buildings mixed with public space.

“We are working in a strong team where each partner’s skills and expertise contributes to a solution that is bigger than the sum of its parts. The kind of ideas and knowledge exchange that cross-discipline, cross-border collaboration results in is necessary to tackle climate change on a global level,” says Marie-France Stendahl, architect lead for White’s Canada business.


C40 is a network of the world’s cities committed to addressing climate change. C40 supports cities to collaborate effectively, share knowledge and drive meaningful, measurable and sustainable action on climate change.
Cities are where the future happens first. The C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group connects more than 90 of the world’s greatest cities, representing over 650 million people and one quarter of the global economy. Created and led by cities, C40 is focused on tackling climate change and driving urban action that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and climate risks, while increasing the health, wellbeing and economic opportunities of urban citizens.
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