White develops the digital offering and recruits CIO to new organisation

White works with digital development linked to sustainable architecture, design and urban planning and has long offered services in BIM, computational design, visualisation and simulations. We are now increasing our pace of development in two areas; business development and internal tools and methods.

Peter Leuchovius has been recruited to the role of CIO as of April and becomes part of company management. Over the past two years, he has successfully managed an extensive change to our digital workplace. Before White, Peter has worked at companies such as Ninetech and Two, in the role of digital strategist. He has previously worked with the development, sales and delivery of digital solutions within, among other things, collaboration, project management and e-commerce, as well as conducted research in mobile services.

– I want to challenge how we use new tools that enhance creativity. A lot of energy is used for tools that handle complex processes, but there is a lot that can be done for creativity. There is also an enormous potential in collecting and using data related to environmental, social and economic sustainability, says Peter Leuchovius.

– Our new organisation will help us to better use the power of digitalisation to create sustainable architecture, and to strengthen our customers’ business. When we level up, it is natural that Peter Leuchovius takes a greater role strategically and operationally. In the next step, White will recruit a business manager for digital services, says Alexandra Hagen, CEO of White.

In addition to offering digital services to our customers, we also participate in several research projects in the digital field in collaboration with academia and business.

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