White Arkitekter exhibits at Oslo Architecture Triennale

The Oslo Architecture Triennale is underway, and together with City of Malmö and the cultural think tank CSAM (Centrum för studier av markanvändning) we are presenting the exhibition NOISY NEIGHBOURS,. The participation is an international recognition for the City of Malmö’s planning programme for the neighbourhood Sofielund, which started with our mapping Sofielund District Atlas.

This year the Oslo Architecture Triennale explores how to build more diverse, inclusive and sustainable neighbourhoods. The City of Malmö was invited to participate and in turn invited us, to jointly present the planning programme for Sofielund and The Cultural Noise Zone at the festival which runs from September 22 to October 30.

It was in 2018 that we were commissioned by the City of Malmö and BID Sofielund to  finalise the deep study Sofielund District Atlas – a  mapping showing how urban development processes can become more inclusive and socially sustainable. In 2021, the City of Malmö approved the follow-up planning programme for Sofielund which shows how culture, workspaces and business are important for a vibrant neighbourhood and need to be considered in the planning process. Sofielund then became Sweden’s first cultural noise zone protecting the right of businesses to make noise.

As a comment to the planning programme, CSAM curated the exhibition Blandstadens Taktik in 2021. An exhibition on the development of Sofielund in which seven local artists presented new works.

Sofielund is an interesting neighbourhood as it is one of the most well-functioning mixed-use environments where different types of form, function and scale coexist. An area where small houses, villas and high-rise buildings are bordering each other and where small businesses are next door to large businesses.
Karl Landin, Planning Architect at White Arkitekter in Malmö

Photo: Are Carlson

We have been engaged in the planning of Sofielund since the start and have carried out follow-up work funded by our internal research foundation, White Research Lab.

– The Sofielund planning programme was nominated for Sweden’s Architects Planning Prize 2021, which was a recognition that Malmö is at the forefront when it comes to this type of planning, says Karl Landin.

The possibility to exhibit our work at Oslo Architecture Triennale gives our work an international recognition which we are very happy about. In Oslo, I look forward to having the opportunity to talk about the project on a larger scale.
Karl Landin

The exhibition is curated by CSAM and White Arkitekter in collaboration with local artists, Patch Hofweber and City of Malmö. The visitor gets the opportunity to enter the project’s research room as the exhibition area is reminiscent of the room the team worked in during the mapping process. The room is filled with photos, statistics and data and overlaps with the rest of the exhibition where parts of the art exhibition Blandstadens Taktik are presented, but also a presentation of the planning programme.

NOISY NEIGHBOURS is exhibited at Oslo Architecture Triennale, at the old Munch Museum in Oslo from 22 September to 30 October. Please see more information here.

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