White Arkitekter and BuildX to collaborate in Nairobi

We are now taking another step in our work in East Africa by initiating collaboration with the local architecture, engineering, and construction company BuildX. The aim of the cooperation is to exchange knowledge, but also to expand the capacity for mass timber construction in East Africa. As part of the collaboration, Anders Tväråna from White Arkitekter is traveling to Nairobi to provide expert support and knowledge in sustainable construction.

Since the 1970s we have been involved in projects in East Africa and since 2021 we have a base in Nairobi where we aim to enrich our knowledge and expand our presence through local partnerships and international collaborations. In line with this, Anders Tväråna is now travelling to Nairobi to work with BuildX for four months.

It is very exciting to have the opportunity to collaborate with BuildX. I look forward to contributing my knowledge and experience from Sweden, but also to learning more about the opportunities and challenges in East Africa. Not least as Kenya is a country that is growing rapidly and where there will be a lot of construction activities in the future.
Anders Tväråna, Architect at White Arkitekter

White Arkitekter was selected as a partner by BuildX, thanks in large part to Anders’ valuable credentials and our great experience and knowledge in giant timber buildings. Anders has been the lead architect for major building projects such Magasin X, which is Sweden’s largest timber office building. We also stand behind the design of Sara Cultural Centre, which is one of the world tallest timber towers.

Mass timber building is new in East Africa. BuildX is a driving force in the region to build sustainably for both the planet and people. Among other things, the company is working diligently on the issue of how local mass timber can replace materials such as steel and concrete.

BuildX is driving the development of sustainable construction in the region. Our cooperation with them is therefore in line with our activities and our commitment in East Africa, as our goal here is to contribute to sustainable development and transformation of the market that puts people at the centre through cooperation and knowledge exchange.
Johan Dahlberg, Head of Business Development East Africa at White Arkitekter

Read more about office trends and design opportunities in Nairobi in BuildX’s latest report Rethinking the Workplace.

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