We all win if we help each other!

The business models of today contribute to ambiguity and increased costs for all players within the built environment. If we are clear in our intentions and manage projects based on the right conditions, we help one another do business smarter.

Seminar March 9: How delivery of digital info through BIM can make your life easier

You’re invited to an exciting and interactive seminar where we’ll tackle the challenges with BIM.
Within the framework of Smart Built Environment’s call for new business models, we’ve studied a number of large construction projects in Stockholm to understand how digitalisation can make the building process more effective. We’ll share our learnings during this seminar. In addition, you’re invited to leave input for a research report within Smart Building Environment; “Digital business models: more effective information management through I-delivery”. Click here to register.


The seminar is held at White’s Stockholm office, Östgötagatan 100.

As a BIM strategist it’s incredibly frustrating to sit through meetings where digital ways of working shunned in place of existing methods. “Keep doing what we’ve always done” and “Let’s stick to what we know” are excuses for resisting change.


Why is this then? Well, a lot of the jargon surrounding digitalisation feels vague or even threatening. My observation is that the business models of today contribute to ambiguity and confusion, which in turn leads to increased costs for everyone involved.


We can solve this problem by taking a few simple steps and create value for all parties.

Firstly, the client must get better at formulating what they expect from digital services concerning purpose, content and format. Secondly, those providing the digital services must clearly communicate the value of what they offer. This enables the client to evaluate the offer based on the original brief. By setting precise goals for deliverables, cost control and quality assurance, we help one another to reach our goals.


If we then also manage our projects based on the digital opportunities available,  we can clearly see each party’s role and how they connect – which encourages interest, respect and understanding for others’ work. The technology is available, so what we need here is better project management and improved methodologies.


If I make it easier for you to deliver, then my work gets easier too. And smarter. We all win if we help each other!

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