Wavy water tower creates new landmark in Varberg

Visible from afar, White’s design for “VÅGA” contains the water in a structure shaped like a stylised and elongated wave.

The creative and bold design will contribute to Varberg’s vision of being the Westcoast’s creative hub
The jury

Varberg has several landmarks, from the 16th Century fort and the classic cold water bathhouse to the UNESCO World Heritage site Grimeton Radio Station and Sweden’s first windfarm. The new horizontal water tower adds to Varberg’s future image.

Water towers are traditionally round and vertical, but White turned tradition on its head by creating a structure that stretches out across the flat landscape. The elongated shape for a water tower is unique in this context and gives Varberg a new strong symbol for the city, an icon building and landmark.

We are very happy that Varberg dared to go with our radical design. Varberg exposes this life-essential resource in such a way that it becomes a symbol for the city’s innovative thinking.
Mattias Lind, Lead Architect

City-owned waste and water management company Vivab organised an architecture competition asking for a water tower that would contain ten thousand cubic metres of water and provide a landmark for the city. White Arkitekter’s “VÅGA” was the winning proposal.

“The jury is united in its verdict that White has managed to create a unique symbol for Varberg. The elongated shape demonstrates fresh thinking without compromising the facility’s function and ensuring that it’s easy to maintain”, writes the jury in its statement.

White’s team includes Lars Zackrisson, Magnus Kollén, Mattias Lind and Per Hultcrantz.

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