VINNOVA gives funding to White for unique sustainable construction project

White Arkitekter is part of the consortium Would Wood, that aims to use left-over material from timber production and agriculture and transform it to a malleable and sustainable construction material. We can now announce that the Swedish Innovation Agency Vinnova supports the development project with 7 456 000 Swedish kronor.

In the Would Wood project architects and engineers will collaborate with mechanical engineering and material scientists to develop new design and production processes for increased sustainability, improved structures and a higher aesthetic variation in architecture and construction. The two-year project aims at designing and producing a series of full scale building elements. The further aim is to certify these elements for use within construction.

Material waste is a big problem within the construction industry. Many of the construction materials we employ have a percentage of waste, given the subtractive processes prevalent today. Would Wood aims to solve this issue by using additive manufacturing - in which elements are created by materials being added together, rather than subtracted from a stock. The process also allows for a more varied, articulated and sustainable architecture.
Jonas Runberger, head of the development network Dsearch at White and artistic professor at Chalmers ACE

In collaboration with the members within the consortium, White will develop advanced design and digital processes that optimises the flow of information within projects, directly connected to the new additive production technology.

Would Wood will be funded by Vinnova within the program Challenging Driven Innovation. Additional partners in the project includes RISE Innventia, Chalmers ACE, KTH Machine Design, StoraEnso, Ragn-Sells, Scania, Veidekke and Phenotype Studio.

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