Two hospital projects compete in the European Healthcare Design Awards 2019

Carlanderska hospital in Gothenburg and a psychiatric clinic in Nuuk have been nominated in this year’s edition of the European Healthcare Design Awards.

The completed private hospital Carlanderska can win the ‘Design for Adaptation and Transformation’ category while the clinic in the Greenlandic capital Nuuk competes in the ‘Future Healthcare Design’ category.

Carlanderska originated 100 years ago. Here, modern healthcare is provided in a cultural-historical setting. With one eye on the drawings from 1917 and the other aimed at future healthcare needs, White has created a facility that realises the “hospital of possibilities” vision – and at the same time almost doubled its size.

The contemporary addition from 2017 has been guided by two main factors: enabling modern care and treatment within the original site and to correspond with the hospital’s existing expression.

Carlanderska Hospital

In Nuuk, the new clinic balances calm, healing and safe architecture with the Greenlandic landscape and the existing buildings. By applying the principles of “healing architecture”, an open, healing and nurturing environment is created for patients and a safe and attractive workplace for staff. A primary vision for the project was bring ample daylight into the facility while offering unique views over the surrounding landscape.

The proposal utilises rational building technologies with few construction materials, thereby minimising construction time, reducing transportation costs and securing a rational and effective project delivery, which is decisive in these arctic surroundings.

Nuuk psychiatric clinic

The winner will be appointed during the European Healthcare Design 2019 Congress, which will be held in London at The Royal College of Physicians 17-19 June.

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