White Arkitekter wins international architecture competition with trekking cabin

White Arkitekter’s proposal for a series of trekking cabins along the Latvian coast has won 1st prize in the Amber Road Trekking Cabin architecture competition.

The BeeBreeders Amber Road Trekking Cabin competition called for the design of a building for travelers along the Amber Road trekking route. The structures are meant to provide shelter and should defer to the dramatic forest and beach landscape along the route.


Through the use of pre-defined paths within the wilderness, there is no disruption of the wildlife or environment of the site.
Jury Commentary


Building in nature is a paradox, but it can sometimes enhance the environment; White Arkitekter’s proposal for a series of trekking cabins along the Latvian coast provides immersive access to the landscape, while still promoting environmental conservation. The proposal establishes a reciprocal series of moles – historically used along the Latvian coast for both recreation and preservation – that connect the beach to inland environmental attractions and access points. Where today’s moles identify existing towns, the proposed mole network will mark the location of trekking cabins.


White’s Link cabin provides that shelter within a timber envelope that pays homage to traditional Latvian carpentry. The construction is simply framed, and modern wood products help reduce waste and ensure that the building will develop a natural patina over time.

From the beginning, we wanted to make a proposal and presentation that would be completely overwhelmed by the Latvian landscape. The geometry, materials, historical references, and graphics used to present the project were intended to defer to the landscape in a completely unspectacular way, which would hopefully enhance the actually spectacular context.
Scott Grbavac, Project Architect

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