The Wood Hotel opens in the 20-storey Sara Cultural Centre

Today, The Wood Hotel opens its doors to Swedish Lapland’s newest international hotel destination, designed to cater to the region’s growing tourism. Housed in Sara Cultural Centre, designed by us, the hotel offers 205 modern rooms in Scandinavian design, a large congress venue, spa, restaurants and a rooftop bar with spectacular panoramic views.

After struggling with declining population growth, Skellefteå is now growing in all directions, including upwards. At 75 metres high, Sara Cultural Centre has become the city’s new landmark and it is in the high-rise tower that The Wood Hotel by Elite is housed.

The whole idea behind Sara Cultural Centre came from workshops with the citizens of Skellefteå on how to make the city more attractive and reverse the declining population growth. The goal for 2030 is to reach a population of 90,000, and the tourism industry and cultural offerings play a central role in this effort.

Sara Cultural Centre's diverse programme supports the municipality's ambition to attract new residents, visitors and businesses while offering residents entirely new opportunities and a public living room. The opening of the hotel is the final touch to the project.
Robert Schmitz and Oskar Norelius, Lead Architects

The hotel is built of prefabricated 3D modules in cross laminated timber stacked between two elevator shafts, also made of CLT. On the outside, the façade is covered with transparent glass to protect against the weather as well as to ventilate the heat between the glass surfaces when the sun is shining. The glazed façade also allows for a majestic panoramic view of the city for miles.

The Wood Hotel defines a new era for family-owned Elite Groups, which has built its brand by transforming historic landmarks across the country into prestigious hotels.

– The Wood Hotel by Elite is inspired by northern Sweden’s unique nature, but also by Skellefteå’s position as a contemporary hub for progressive and green technology solutions, says Caroline Chakraborty, co-owner of Elite Hotels, who has played an active role in developing the group’s new concept hotels.

The concept has drawn significantly on the history and tradition of the region – something that is also very much present in the magnificent architecture.
Caroline Chakraborty, co-owner of Elite Hotels

Photo hero image: Sven Burman/Visit Skellefteå

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