SJ’s Coach Interior Wins Prestigious Design Award

We are proud that SJ won the prize Best of the Best in the international design competition Red Dot Design Award. They are praised for the upcoming X2000 Train Coach Interior, which was a good, joyful and, for us, unusual collaboration between Happy F&B, SJ and White Arkitekter.

It is not often you get the opportunity to design an environment that affects plenty of people, passes infinitely many places and that shall operate for a very long period of time.


– The starting point has been to highlight SJ’s best sides and qualitites, and I think we succeeded well based on the conditions, says Jacob Sahlqvist, Architect and responsible for White’s contribution in the project.

The travelers' experience and personal sphere have been at the center throughout the project.
Jacob Sahlqvist, Architect

The coaches have got a new identity, additional seating and new materials with high sustainability factor. The developed chair and the space around it are an important contribution to create a delightful travel experience.


– This project really shows that the best results are achieved when different skills work together towards a common vision for a distinct client, says Jacob Sahlqvist.

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