Scandinavia’s first zero-energy hotel opened today

Today, the House of Choice opened in Arenastaden, Solna. With solar cells, passive house technology and geo energy the 11-storey building is Scandinavia’s first zero-energy hotel and the world’s most photovoltaic-dense.

As travellers become more environmentally conscious and want to live more sustainably, White Arkitekter has created the building of the future in Arenastaden together with Fabege and Nordic Choice Hotels. In addition to 336 hotel rooms, the building houses an office section for Nordic Choice Hotels’ Swedish headquarters and 88 long-stay apartments. Zero energy means that as much energy as is consumed will also be produced.

Achieving zero energy was the clear and common goal of the project. It shows that good teamwork and the right priorities lead to good results - throughout the process.
Petter Wesslander, Project Architect

The south-facing facade and roof have been clad with over 2,500 square metres of solar cells, covering the building’s annual electricity consumption. This makes the hotel the world’s most photovoltaic-dense.


Solar cells are often installed on top of roofs, with no regard for appearance. At the House of Choice, they add to the shape of the roof and are embedded in glass panels of different colours and shapes on the façade. By integrating the solar cells into the design, the facade still contributes high aesthetic values to the surroundings.

This new way of working with solar cells requires good collaboration. Solar cells, solar shading and façade lighting must work together. By etching the photovoltaic glass and using grooves, a lively facade is created without affecting the efficiency of the photovoltaic cells. The integration of photovoltaics as a natural part of the building’s design is a topical and important aspect of the transition to renewable energy.


The building is supplied with cooling and heating from heat pumps that efficiently charge and draw energy from borehole storage and has been certified as a FEBY Gold Plus House. A visit to the House of Choice should inspire a sustainable way of living.


Här lever du lite bättre än hemma och kanske tar du med dig idéer hem om ett solcellstak till villan eller en mer medveten middagsmeny i vardagen. Arkitekturen genomsyras av synlig och sinnlig hållbarhet.
Raimo Joss, Lead Architect

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