Relocation of Kiruna shortlisted for Zumtobel Group Award 2021

In Kiruna, a city transformation is underway where the entire city centre is moved. The project is now a finalist for the Zumtobel Group Award 2021 in the category Urban Initiatives and Developments, an award that draws attention to projects that best address issues related to reuse, sustainable urban and rural development concepts, innovative processes and human living conditions.

The relocation of Kiruna is a gigantic project, which raises both the concerns and expectations of Kiruna’s more than 20,000 inhabitants. It also represents a unique opportunity to transform the city into something new and sustainable. Success requires a common vision for the future and together with Ghilardi + Hellsten Arkitekter, White Arkitekter has developed a development plan for Kiruna’s step-by-step move. The goal is to create a sustainable city with a more diverse economy, which is not as dependent on the world market for iron ore.

A more compact city centre, equipped with new meeting places and cultural facilities, will promote public life and enable a mixed population to thrive. Kiruna has the fastest growing share of small businesses in Sweden and now there is a great demand for new homes. New homes will be built, in addition to the 3,000 homes to be replaced and moved. By 2033, the current city centre will be decommissioned while a new one has emerged three kilometres east.

The plan is a response to the expectations and challenges that Kiruna residents have on the city. It highlights the need for meeting places, not just residential areas.
Krister Lindstedt, Lead Architect at White Arkitekter.

– The most interesting aspect of our work is how we make the city and its design support the social ambitions. One example is how the social meeting places are connected to nature, says Krister Lindstedt, Lead Architect at White Arkitekter.

Quality and originality are praised

A total of 220 projects from 42 countries have been enrolled in the Zumtobel Group Award 2021 – Innovation for Sustainability and Humanity in the built environment and according to the competition, all projects stand out for their exceptional quality and originality. The prize is awarded in two categories; “buildings” and “urban initiatives and developments”, and now ten projects in each category have been shortlisted. In addition, six projects in the two categories have been selected as candidates for a special prize that highlights innovation.

It is an honour for us, and important for Kiruna, that the project is recognised in this international context.
Krister Lindstedt.

The international and interdisciplinary jury will meet in November and select the winners. The winner in each category wins €50,000 and the winner of the special prize receives €20,000.

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