White Arkitekter wins competition for Schulcampus Stuttgart-Feuerbach

White Arkitekter, in collaboration with Günter Hermann Architekten and W + P Landschaften, has won the prestigious competition to develop Schulcampus Stuttgart-Feuerbach near Stuttgart city centre.

Our proposal creates an open and welcoming campus area, where the old and new school buildings and sports facilities interact. It becomes an exciting and central venue for education, sports, events and meetings.
Karin Björning-Engström, lead architect at White Arkitekter.

The strength of the proposal is based on the respectful and gentle integration of modern buildings into the existing urban structure, which has high cultural historical value. Interaction, identity, orientation and accessibility have been the guiding principles in the development of the proposal. New exciting spaces, buildings and meeting places are created along a path that runs through the area and connects the campus with the surrounding city.


The proposal gives the area a coherent and clearly defined character, including the renovation of the existing Leibnitz Gymnasium and three new school buildings and a sports hall. Connecting new and existing buildings and well-designed places makes the walk down the promenade both varied and exciting.


Centrally located on the campus is the Forum – the “heart” of the area – housing the school’s dining and cultural hubs, giving students and visitors ample opportunity for meetings and exchanges. All entrances to the Forum are equally as inviting to its surroundings; the building has no front or back.

We focused on designing the new buildings so that they interact with the existing school buildings to ensure that the site is still characterised by their history and dignity. We carefully created an area that has a high degree of accessibility both within the campus and the surrounding city.
Karin Björning-Engström

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