Hospitals receive accolades in European Healthcare Design Awards 2019

White’s transformation of the Carlanderska Hospital in Gothenburg has won the “Design for Adaptation and Transformation” in the prestigious European Healthcare Design Awards 2019. White’s design of a psychiatric clinic in Nuuk in Greenland was given the accolade ‘Highly Commended’ in the category “Future Healthcare Design.”

The European Healthcare Design Awards “aim to have a significant influence on the creation of healthcare environments that promote health and wellness, embed quality improvement, and support the delivery of treatment and care in an accessible, sustainable and equitable way.”

Carlanderska hospital, winner of the category “Design for Adaptation and Transformation”, was built on the idea that ‘fresh air and the beauty and harmony of the surroundings are a contributing factor to the patients’ recovery’. That idea still applies and after the expansion the hospital still appears unified, with the extension as a modern addition. With future care needs in mind, White has created a building that realises the vision of a “hospital of possibilities”.

“To complete a building process which commenced 100 years ago has been very inspiring. Complementing the existing hospital with modern premises gives Carlanderska the prerequisite to remain relevant while developing in its original environment,” says lead architect Ulla Antonsson who, together with Roger Johansson, also lead architect, received the award at European Healthcare Design 2019 Congress in London.

In the category “Future Healthcare Design”, White’s design of a new psychiatric care building adjacent to Queen Ingrid’s hospital in Nuuk was given the accolade ‘Highly Commended’. The principles of “healing architecture” have been applied to create an open, healing and caring environment. To ensure efficient project delivery in the Arctic environment, a rational construction technique with few building materials will be used to minimise construction time and reduce transport costs.

“The architecture seeks to create a warm and open atmosphere with direct contact to the magnificent Arctic landscape outside. The location and its surroundings are a tangible force and have inspired the design this wood construction. We’re honoured that the future-looking architecture we have created healing environments is acknowledged in this way,” says Jenny Mäki, lead architect.

The European Healthcare Design Awards are organised by Architects for Health and the SALUS Global Knowledge Exchange and aim to contribute to the development of knowledge and standards in the design of healthcare environments around the world.

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