Entrance 100 gets praised internationally

Uppsala University Hospital’s latest addition, Entrance 100, designed by us, is one of nine healthcare projects from all over the world that are highlighted in the international competition Architecture Masterprize.

The Architecture Master Prize’s mission is to highlight and increase the visibility of quality architecture around the world with a particular focus on creativity and innovation. The jury of prominent designers, architects, academics and curators highlights the best projects from around the world in everything from interior design to urban planning. Together, they have assessed contributions from over 65 countries. Entrance 100 received an honorable mention in the Healthcare Architecture class.

This is proof that we have succeeded in combining advanced clinical functions and very high technical requirements with a world-class design that ultimately benefits patients and staff.
Anna Maria Ejdeholm, lead architect at White

Quiet rooms are a non-denominational room for stillness and reflection.

The building, which was inaugurated earlier this year, is designed with a focus on human needs. Entrance 100 houses high-tech operating theatres and advanced treatments for the most seriously ill. At the same time, the house contains modern day care and care departments. Almost all premises have been designed together with the health care professionals and their representatives. The starting point is current research on healing and health-improving environments.


Daylight plays an important role in Entrance 100. Almost all rooms that patients stay in have natural light and offer green outlooks. The technology is dimmed to provide a calm environment. Balconies and terraces provide the opportunity to breathe fresh air and feel the heat of the sun.


Long-term sustainability was a key priority when designing the building. This means that we have chosen a general design of the frame and installations that provides versatile usability and simplifies future adaptations. With very little adaptations, parts of the building have been redeveloped for intensive care for Covid-19 patients. Low energy use and environmentally friendly building materials contribute to the building being certified according to Environmental Building Gold.

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