“Can Architecture Fix This?” – Season 2

White Arkitekter in Oslo is announcing Season 2 of the podcast “Can Architecture Fix This?”! Now available wherever you get your podcasts.

Last season, we brought you stories about design where water was a central theme. This season, we’re shifting focus: Season 2 of “Can Architecture Fix This?” features stories about transformation.

How can the underwater landscape in the Oslo fjord transform back into a healthy biotope? What is the future of architectural education, and education in general? How can we reduce waste in the building sector? How can architecture, landscape architecture, and design in general, contribute to positive change? This is of course a base intention with every project we take on, but how we deliver on those ambitions is often a surprising journey.

The podcast is hosted by architect Rebekah Schaberg and produced by Ingjerd Sandven Kleivan.

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