Vävskedgatan Apartments

Vävskedgatan Apartments

In beginning of 2000, the housing market was dominated by building for profit with little to no interest on the part of developers to invest in the construction of rental units. Rebelling against this construction climate, White initiated an internal architecture competition to develop innovative concepts which would fulfil the need for basic living to a high standard on a stretched budget.

High-quality living, design aspirations and cost minimising

White, in collaboration with builder FO Peterson, acting as both client and architect implemented one of the concepts and used this opportunity as a testbed to explore new sustainable solutions. The result is compelling; Vävskedsgatan is, essentially, as far as you can get from the stereotype of affordable housing; a building of high quality, pleasant in appearance and harmoniously in scale with the neighbourhood’s existing fabric and low energy use.

Client: KB Lunden (White and FO Peterson & Söner)
Location: Göteborg, Sweden
Status: Completed 2005
Area: 2,390 sqm GFA
Energy Use: around 60kWh/m²/year
Awards: Kasper Salin Prize 2006 (nomination), Stora samhällsbyggarpriset 2005 (nomination), Best Building Gothenburg 2005, Årets Bygge 2005
Visuals: Hendrik Zeitler

Acting as client and developer on several projects has given us an understanding of the need to balance qualitative yet commercially driven solutions
We want to meet the housing demand with buildings that are as beautiful and elegant as they are functional. Working with simple materials is fine, but then they need be robust to age well
Johan Lundin, lead architect

Creating a big buzz

Situated on an elevated narrow site and reaching a total of five storeys, the 10-metre wide Vävskedsgatan is unique in design and unusual black and yellow colour palette, yet respectfully forms a natural part of its context. Due to its strong character and unusual business model the first viewing created a buzz around town: more than 7,000 people showed interested in the light open plan apartments.

The building has a carefully chosen palette of materials providing exciting contrasts. Classic high-quality materials hardwood floors contrast the hearty stock products direct from warehouse, such as the balcony guards in metal weave.

Learning by doing

Acting as client and developer on several projects has given us an understanding of the need to balance qualitative yet commercially driven solutions. Construction costs for the 28-flat residential unit, Vävskedsgatan, were higher than one hoped for due to difficult, steep and narrow site and few apartments per elevator, yet quite reasonable, 17,000 kr / m2 – demonstrating return on investment is possible with small scale, strong architectural solutions.

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Johan Lundin

Johan Lundin


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