The New Slussen in Stockholm

The New Slussen in Stockholm

In the heart of Stockholm, one of the most complex planning projects of our time is underway. The New Slussen is adapted to modern travel patterns and equipped to meet a changing climate and at the same time designed provide new paths, squares and parks for everyone to enjoy.

From traffic apparatus to human environment

Stockholm’s inner city has a unique character where the metropolitan area interacts with the archipelago landscape. Now the city is developing further when Slussen (swedish word for the Lock) is transformed from a traffic apparatus into a vibrant human environment, room for experiences and places that give a moment of peace.

Since 2010, White has been the landscape architect for the Slussen project. Together with Foster+Partners, we are transforming one of the city’s most central parts into an attractive place for people. The process contains urban planning issues, long-term environmental considerations and complex traffic situations that must be solved with high design ambitions.

Client: Stockholms stad
Plats: Stockholm, Sweden
Status: Ongoing
Images: White View, Foster+Partners, DBOX

The new public places connect Södermalm and the Old Town in a more efficient way.

The reconstruction is necessary to adapt Slussen to a changed climate and increased amounts of rain. After the reconstruction, the lock must be able to release more water from Mälaren, which protects Stockholm against future floods and secures drinking water. At the same time, the city gets new public places and parks in the best location, as well as better accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists.

Slusstorget – The heart of Slussen

In the water space between Södermalm and Gamla stan, a new square, Slusstorget, is created. The square is built in close contact with the water surface and becomes a bridge for both pedestrians and cyclists as well as a place to relax in the sun. The lock canal is integrated into the design and provides the site with a theater of passing ships. Even the sedimentation basins, which regulate water levels in Mälaren, increase the feeling of close contact with the water. Generous seating areas and furniture that makes the most of the sun and the beautiful views shape the path that stretches both north and south.

Södermalmstorg – a square with a view

Södermalmstorg will become an event square with open spaces for free activities, outdoor seating in sunny locations and seating with wide views. One of Sweden’s largest cycle paths crosses the square, the central part of which is a flexible surface for spontaneous activities, square meetings and other temporary events. There are also lush plantings and seating under the trees with fantastic views.

Ryssgården – an entrance and market square

Ryssgården will continue to be a busy square where many people pass by on their way on the subway, the bus or further walking in Stockholm. The square is being equipped with new seating that entices people to stop for a lunch break or for a short time while waiting for friends.

Katarinaparken – a new park in the middle of Stockholm

In the area around the Katarina lift, a new park is being built that stretches all the way down to the quay level. This will be a green sanctuary for those who live and work in the area and a much-needed place for play and relaxation. Stepping into Katarinaparken from the hectic city life becomes a sensation. The park opens with a striking view of the Saltsjön and the visitor will find himself in the same large landscaped space as Skeppsholmen and Djurgården. The park’s centerpiece is a large grassy area with a substantial seating edge as well as lush plantings and greenery.

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