Telia Company

Telia Company

Telia Company’s premises in Luleå are unique. From the very beginning, Telia had a lofty vision of the new office’s sustainability – 80 percent of all furnishings in the 6,000 square meter office would be reused. White accepted the challenge and saw the customer’s vision as a source of great creativity in the design work.

Mapping of existing furnishings

Initially, an investigation was carried out regarding the existing interior. The investigation resulted in an inventory list, complete with pictures and measurements of tens of thousands of products and furniture from a handful of different offices in the Stockholm region. The list was then handed over to us and was one of the heaviest governing documents throughout the project.

Early on, external furniture suppliers, carpenters and project managers were involved in what became a group for the cross-border collaboration that would last for two years and which resulted in a nomination for Sweden’s most beautiful office in 2017.

Client: Telia Company
Location: Luleå, Sweden
Status: Completed 2016
Area: 7 200 sqm
Photo: Emil Fagander

The customer's vision was a source of great creativity in the design work. A cross-border collaboration that would prove to exceed expectations.

In parallel with the in-depth concept work, a foundation began to take shape for how the team would deal with recycling. The project became a logistical exercise that paved the way for a new climate-smart and economically favorable project form where products were carefully selected, transformed and eventually sent to the new office in Luleå in batches.

During the most intense period of the project, the team moved into a studio that became the hub from which the design work was conducted to the point where only moving in remained.

It's fantastic that our work regarding the development of recycling and circularity has received such attention. Being nominated for Sweden's most stylish office in 2017 means a small step forward for White - but a big step forward for sustainable processes in the entire interior design industry.
Kristofer Jonsson, Lead Interior Architect

The inauguration took place in early December 2016. Upon completion, it could be stated that the previously set target of 80 percent recycling had been exceeded – the result showed a figure of 86 percent, making Telia Company’s office in Luleå the world’s most recycled office of its kind.

The project for Telia Company in Luleå is a pioneering project from many points of view. Together with partners, White has created a unique workplace for the 700 employees with activity-based office space, customer front, dining room and lounges at a 20 percent lower cost for our customer, compared to if the project was for an office with new furnishings.

Contact & Team

Annie Leonsson

Olof Nordenson

Kristofer Jonsson

Elisabeth Rosenlund

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