Stockholm Vatten

Stockholm Vatten

Stockholm Vatten, Sweden’s largest water and waste management company, delivers world-class drinking water to over one million people in the Stockholm region. The company enlisted us to both renovate its head office building an to create an interior that adapts to the working styles of today.

Housed in a listed office building from the 1970’s, the modern workplace White has created enables Stockholm Vatten’s employees to choose where to work for the day depending on their mood or the task at hand.

The company enlisted us to both renovate its head office building an to create an interior that adapts to the working styles of today. They also envisioned a collaborative space that would exude quality and creativity and encourage the exchange of knowledge, at the same time as offering secluded nooks and crannies for individual work and concentration.

Client: Stockholm Vatten
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Services: Architecture, Interior Design
Size/surface area: 6,300 square metres
Status: Completed 2016
Emil Fagander

Some pieces from the existing furniture have been re-used in the new design to create a blend of new and old.

With the natural water cycle as inspiration, an open and varied space that allows for movement and spontaneous meetings has taken shape. It’s a welcoming environment where everyone has a place and can feel at home.

The move to a modern office a year ago has been an important leg on our change journey. Although we have not been able to measure and evaluate the new space, we have a clear sense that the open office solution provides a more efficient approach and that it encourages collaboration in an inspiring environment.
Stockholm Vatten

In addition to the renovation and the interiors concept, White has been responsible for signage and the plant scheme. A brand new three-storey atrium at the core of the space creates new meeting places and enhances contact between the floors via a generous staircase. Glazed atrium railings create transparency and let the light from the skylight above flow freely around the space. The light-filled open office and desk spaces extend out from the core, which is also where the meeting rooms are located.

Clearly defined colour themes, details and varied interiors on the different floors create an inspiring setting which encourages exploration and offers diverse environments for assorted work styles and modes. The result is a healthy and creative office space with longevity.

Since we moved in, we have continued to develop the office concept in close dialogue with our employees. It has created commitment and involvement, which has contributed to a good working environment.
Stockholm Vatten

Contact & Team

Johan Björkholm

Johan Björkholm

Interior architect, Deputy studio manager

+46 721 58 30 45

Fabian Sjöblom

Robert Schmitz

Martina Eliasson

Nicole Morel

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