Slussplan Apartments

Slussplan Apartments

Malmö City Council ran a competition for a residential-led renewal of a strip of land between the protected Old Town canalside and a newer urban area. Slussplan is a twelve-storey, mixed tenure development that signalled the start of the area’s regeneration – a sculptural landmark for the city.

Waterfront living for all

Within a 12-storey block, the 103 rental and sale apartments range from 39 to 150 sqm reflect the housing needs of Malmö’s diverse citizenship. Slussplan was designed as a mixed-use scheme; double height units at the ground floor can accommodate retail and dining for residents and locals, as well as to attract visitors to the area. The residential portion of the building is situated on top of a high, wood-clad plinth. Bike storage and access to underground parking are from ground floor level.


Client: JM AB
Location: Malmö, Sweden
Status: Completed 2014
Area: 10,800 sqm GFA
Awards: Malmö Stadsbyggnadspris Urban Design Award 2014 in the residential category
Visuals: Felix Gerlach, White View, Werner Nystrand

In a previous life, Slussplan was a rundown bus terminal, where railway tracks converge and cars speed by.

All residents have easy access to the outdoors, with each apartment furnished with its own private balcony. The balconies are recessed, offering shelter, as well as views across the city. Residents also share an inner green courtyard clad with wooden trellises that leads to the bike lounge. By building close to the railway yard and increasing densities on site, a small public square could also blossom in the land adjacent to the canal. A generous portico opens out onto this square, designed for the enjoyment of residents and passers-by.

Slussplan stands out as an interesting sculptural object on the city skyline, visible from the trains entering and leaving Malmö.

Volume, scale and material choices were influenced by the surrounding neighbourhood buildings. The mass of the building is gently divided, lower in height towards Östra Förstaden neighbourhood, and higher by the canal and nearby rail tracks, the latter of which are clad in protective brick. The use of wood and brick lower the scheme’s environmental impact, as well as lending textural contrast to the scheme. Over time, the treated timber façades will gradually assume a soft grey patina, mirroring the skies and water. Balconies sweep across the timber frontages, adding visual interest to these volumes. Since completion, Slussplan has contributed to a harmonious and safe residential environment for all.

Contact & Team

Maud Karlström

Markus Magnusson

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