New Medical Clinic of the University Hospital of Tübingen

New Medical Clinic of the University Hospital of Tübingen

In collaboration with HPP Architekten we have been entrusted to design the new Medical Clinic of the University Hospital of Tübingen, Germany. The building is designed with a holistic sustainability concept and focuses on a healing environment for the patients as well as an efficient working environment for the staff.

Renewable materials and reusable components

Together with HPP Architekten we will deliver a building with a comprehensive sustainability concept. The new medical clinic in the university town of Tübingen has a building concept that is based on a resource-saving and CO2-reduced construction method.

The combination of wood as an essential structural material on the upper floors and renewable raw material in the expansion and façade, enables savings in greenhouse gas emissions and the stored carbon remains sequestered in the components in the long term. The design also offers separable components which makes it possible to reuse all components as a whole element or returned to their respective recycling process.

Client: Amt Tübingen des Landesbetriebs Vermögen und Bau Baden-Württemberg
Location: Tübingen, Germany
Partner: HPP Architekten
Status: Competition win

When we design healthcare environments, we always put people at the centre. Patients, staff, and relatives. Those who need help and those who are there to provide care. Always with an openness and sensitivity to the major changes the healthcare sector is undergoing.

Natural and healing design

The building has a design with autogenic aspects of architecture and landscape. The base follows the slope and embeds the hilly landscape. On top of the base there is building volumes designed as wings to maximize the view and daylight. To ensure offering a healing environment, the three upper floors which mainly consists of individual care units have a view over Tübingen and the landscape of the Swabian Alb. The wood interior creates a warm atmosphere, and the patient rooms all have a high input of daylight. To offer staff, patients and visitors access to the nature our landscape architects have designed green and lush outdoor spaces.

We’re honored to be entrusted to design the new Medical Clinic of the University Hospital of Tübingen. We’re also delighted to be able to contribute with our knowledge of complex health care projects as well as the Scandinavian knowledge of wood architecture. Now we look forward to a good collaboration with HPP Architekten and Amt Tübingen des Landesbetriebs Vermögen und Bau Baden-Württemberg.

Human centred architecture

To ensure optimal operating procedures the design also focus on functional and efficient personnel zones and short distances to the stations. An easy-to-read path makes it’s easy to get around and find your way in the building.

– We’re very proud for this prestigious project. Our and HPP Architekten’s proposal is designed in collaboration with several construction, environment, and technical specialists. Together we’ve worked as an integrated team, which has been the key to developing a hospital with such a strong sustainability concept, says Cristiana Caira, lead architect for the competition submission at White Arkitekter.

The competition team included White Arkitekter, HPP Architekten GmbH, knippershelbig GmbH, Werner Sobek AG, PGMM Planungsgruppe M+M AG, SINFIRO GMBH & CO. KG vormals Ingenieurbüro Riesener GbR, GREENBOX Landschaftsarchitekten.

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Kristin Schmitt


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