Linköping University Hospital

Linköping University Hospital

Internal and external development of Linköping University Hospital created a welcoming civic building with increased operational efficiences that actively contributed to its neighbourhood. By incorporating art into the building design, wayfinding was improved while enhancing wellbeing for patients, staff and visitors.

Opening up the hospital

Despite occupying a central urban location, Linköping University Hospital’s 1970’s buildings were neither welcoming nor accessible. By designing a second entrance that opens onto a new central plaza, hospital visitors can easily reach public transport and visitor parking. Operational efficiency and safety was increased by relocating the emergency department to the west side of the building and giving it a dedicated access road, as well as an elevator connection to the rooftop heliport.

Client: Östergötland County Council
Location: Linköping, Sweden
Status: Completed 2016
Area: 65,000 sqm / 600 beds
Environmental certifications: Enviromental Design Level Silver
Visuals: Wihelm Rejnus, Ken Pils, White View

Rethinking the plan led to improved flows and relationships between hospital functions.

An uplifting environment

New buildings included: emergency care department, childbirth and neonatal unit, additional receptions, as well as a new ambulance hall and heliport, as well as university teaching and training facilities.

A team of artists and architects identified places and themes early in the process. This was to integrate the artwork into a bold design gesture that facilitates orientation in the hospital.
Linda Mattsson, Project Architect

Adjacent to the new northern entrance is a generous atrium that forms a defined, central zone. Large scale art installations are integrated into the atrium architecture at ceiling and floor level, as well as along the vertical surfaces of the elevator lobby. Incorporating artwork into building design creates an uplifting environment for patients, relatives, staff and visitors, but also provides clear orientation and wayfinding.

Unusually for Sweden, the project includes 600 beds in single-patient rooms, protecting the dignity and privacy of patients.

Environmental coordination

Acting as the project’s environmental coordinator for the local authority during design and construction phases, great attention was paid to optimising energy demand, maximising daylight and damp-proofing the building to ensure a healthy indoor climate for patients and staff. All building materials are free of hazardous substances to support public health, as well as to minimise environmental impact.

A new interior link, running through the main building enhances connectivity between the north and south entrances.

Crucial alterations at Linköping University Hospital have enabled the development of the surrounding hospital area into an attractive, connected district. From the residents’ perspective, the most noticeable changes to their surroundings are the additional public thoroughfares that integrate the hospital within the neighbourhood.

Contact & Team

Linda Mattsson

Linda Mattsson

Architect, Office management

+46 703 34 97 89

Eva Berg

Elisabeth Rosenlund

Gith Thellsén

Ulrika Romare

Susanne Klämfeldt

Agnete Klinkby Jensen

Emma Stridh

Henric Hammarslätt

Francesca Bianchi

Alexander Hägg

Åsa Carlestam

Fredrik Hennings

Anna-Karin Lisell Selling

Helen Biddle

Barbara Vogt

Karin Planting-Bergloo

Caroline Werner

Annika Jägevall

Renato Adriasola Orellana

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Helena Polgård

Caroline Varnauskas

Marie-Louise Greger

Gustav Söderberg Röstlund

Rebecca Rubin

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Lena Zetterberg

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