Lindesberg Health Centre

Lindesberg Health Centre

In Lindesberg, we have designed a new sustainable health center with care and housings, a timber building close to both nature and the travel center. The new health center consists of two buildings that are linked together by a glass gallery – The Gallery of the Senses.

With the nature and the railway station around the corner, Lindesberg hälsocentrum (health centre) becomes a given meeting-place. The house will function both as a healthcare center and as attractive housings with the possibility of additional support and convenience.

The homes are not primarily designed as care apartments, but it is possible to use them for that purpose thanks to generous dimensions, few corners, double doors and sliding doors and spacious bathrooms for possible staff.

Client: Lindesbergs bostads AB, Landstinget Örebro län
Place: Lindesberg, Sweden
Status: Completed 2019
Photo: Åke E:son Lindman & White

Nordic timber characterize both the interior and exterior where larch timber panels forms the façade.

The two facilities, the residential building and the healthcare center, are separated into two buildings linked together through the common glass gallery and the green roof. The intention is to offer accommodation with a connection to a protected park and security both inside and outside the house. The Gallery of the Senses and the park have been important ingredients in the design concept.

The main entrance to housings, healthcare center and the other premises takes place from inside the gallery. The high space with glass roof made of wooden construction is the heart of the building. It is a living room for all residents and visitors. The gallery gives access to two stairwells that lead to the apartments via three attic corridors. The attic corridors are extra wide and have parts of glass floors to guarantee daylight in the apartments.

The building is nature-oriented thanks to the surrounding nature, but the central location in the city gives the health center an urbanity in connection with the expansion of central Lindesberg. A consistent design with association to nature permeates. Nordic timber and natural concrete in the frame characterize the interior, while a larch timber panels forms the façade.

The scheme aims to provide as protected and sustainable environment as possible based on the factors influencing the environment. Noise from the railway and latitude orientation are taken care of in the design.

Contact & Team

Olov Gynt

Olov Gynt

Architect, Office management

+46 705 14 43 11

Helena Mellberg

Graciela Loscalzo

Roger van Bergen

Mikaela Grassl

Sheraz al Hasan

Erik Lundgren

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