Kungsängen Square

Kungsängen Square

Kungsängen Square is a small square located in Kungsängen’s city centre. Through a collaborative process, a multifunctional square was created for smaller groups, large events, spontaneous play, performances and outdoor seating. In addition, a clear route was built that connects the surrounding residential area with Upplands-Bro Kulturhus and Kungsängen’s commuter station.

Through careful disposal of the square’s surface, we managed to make room for both. Comfortable seating was integrated at planting areas around a larger open area. The design of seating and greenery contributes to a smaller and more intimate scale in the square.

A great focus was placed on creating sustainable attractive plantings, which were anchored with the city’s operations and management department.

Client: Upplands-Bro kommun
Location: Kungsängen, Stockholm
Status: Completed
Area: 6 000 sqm
Photo: Anders Bobert

The goal was for the square to serve as a meeting place for both smaller groups and large events.

Through a citizens’ dialogue, it emerged that the public wanted to transform the rough and boring setting into a central and active square that would attract many visitors, both young and old. The result was a square characterized by a smaller playground, boules court and a play fountain as well as a large open area for large events. On the periphery, a pair of playful wooden furniture was built that invites visitors to play and perform spontaneous performances.

To save space on the useful square surface, one of these wooden plinths was used to house the pumping plant to the water fountain. White Arkitekter worked closely with the client and the electrical consultant to ensure that all media and technology necessary for various events were integrated into the design. These facilities were carefully placed to not interfere with the open spaces of the square.

Before the renovation of the square, the public expressed great concern that the place was perceived as unsafe and difficult to navigate. An extensive lighting program was developed, which resulted in a solution where the main walkway and the central elevated square were put in focus. It was complemented by accent lighting in the plantings and wooden plinths. The floor of the square was designed to focus on the central assembly area and to clarify the main walkway by adding granite slabs to these parts while concrete paving stones were laid on other surfaces.

The square is surrounded by several restaurants and shops that contribute to an active square. However, the accessibility and connection to the square was poor. Through a close dialogue with property owners and a solid elevation analysis, we managed to improve the accessibility of outdoor terraces and integrate them with the rest of the square. The result was an appealing destination and increased a more active and well-visited square.

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Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson

Landscape architect

+46 706 60 95 51

Erik Miron

Landscape architect

Fredrik Angner

Landscape architect

Viktoria Walldin

Social sustainability expert

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